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here's a little about the blog

Started in 2012 Meats and Sweets documented my food based explorations and delights but has since grown into a lifestyle blog with a wider range of topics like travel, fashionm health and wellness.  Still lots of food though!  While I used to cook more traditional recipes, all of my recipes since 2016 are 100% gluten and dairy free. Whether traditional or something new, all recipes and photographs are my own.  I develop and test everything in my sunny Brooklyn kitchen with the help of my husband Cameron and with the occasional ‘shoo-ing’ away of our tiny dog, Chibi. 

Eating, drinking, cooking, and baking have always been my favorite things.  In 2016, I was diagnosed with Still's Disease, a rare auto immune disorder. Currently, I am doing my best to stay symptom free through diet, exercise and natural supplements (like fish oil and curcumin).  I am so lucky to have seen such great results.  I stick to the Auto Immune Protocol, simply called AIP, a diet that prohibits any food that could be a potential allergen or cause of inflammation in the body.  I avoid: grains, seeds, beans, dairy, eggs, nightshades and refined sugars.  What's left you might ask?  Mostly meat, fruit, most vegetables and a lot of coconut products. 

While what I eat is limited, I eat healthier than I ever have - mostly because anything I want to eat I have to make myself.  What I make for myself is mostly protein and vegetables.  We get pretty creative around here with our cooking - I hope you enjoy it!  You'll find almost all the recipes I know post are Paleo, gluten free, dairy free and AIP while still staying fun, seasonal and healthy.   

I feel it’s best, when possible, to buy local and organically produced, responsible ingredients.  Better for the earth, the animals, and all of us.   The farmers market is always my first stop and when that's not possible I look for local and organic.  This has been emphasized to me by my doctor and I really try to stick to it since getting sick. 

Here's a bit more about us

Cameron does a lot of work for meats and sweets too.  You’ll find his occasional cameo recipes to be healthy and full of fruits & vegetables.  He also helps with the website and by holding Chibi while I shoot the food.  Cam’s good at cooking a range of foods, but my favorites are his soups and healthy salads. He also has a pretty funny collection of photos of me photographing food.   

Chibi is our small, mischievous Chihuahua-Pomeranian.  She doesn’t do much for meats and sweets, but she’s too cute to ignore.   Her favorite snacks are baby carrots, peanut butter, apple slices, and lamb lung chips.

And me!  I grew up in upstate New York, but have lived in NYC for over a decade.  Recently graduated from ICE, where I studied Classic Culinary Arts.  In addition to cooking and blogging, I'm also a ceramic artist and have made many of the plates, bowls and cups featured in the recipe photos.  

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