Buon Weekend


'Buon Weekend!' is something that Cameron and I say to each other every Friday afternoon when the work is over and the weekend antics can begin. It's an exclamation and a sigh of 'ah'. I hope everyone has some fun things planned.

We're taking a spur of the moment trip up to Ithaca, NY to see family, eat tasty CalMex food at Viva Taqueria, swim in Cayuga Lake and pick/eat as many blueberries as we can.

Now that we all have a bit of time to sit back and shamelessly internet out little hearts out - here's a little list of things I've found interesting across the internet: 

If you're feeling nerdy read this.

I've been listening to this newsy podcast daily.

Wearing these while I still can. 

This recipe has to happen soon. Because chocolate. 

This group is Fighting Hate and Teaching Tolerance. Let's show them some support!

Run 10k, feed 10 people.