Buon Weekend


After my last week's post Cameron and I realized we have been speaking different languages to each other. He says 'bon' in French and I say 'buon' in Italian.  I had no idea we were so trilingual. 

What's everyone up to this weekend? We are heading off to Minneapolis for a family get together. I'm looking forward to seeing Cam's mom, dad and sister, meeting more of his (our!) family and exploring a new city. Hilarious antics to follow. 

Here's some fun internet things:

Zara is killing it this season. This, this, this and this are all on my wishlist. Gah! This too. 

This is the holy grail of lotions.  

I found this podcast so helpful

Why we should all be kind to each other. (Old article but I love it anyway.)  

How to Support DACA Program here and here.