Buon Weekend


Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? I'm getting over a cold - which I never get so I'm a pretty big baby when I do. We're looking forward to a low key Brooklyn weekend - Im hoping to do a little cooking (maybe a little slow cooker something?) and work on a painting. 

Here are some fun internet things to look at: 

This mini series of Hidden Brain podcasts for you but version 2.0 

This skincare brand I've been wanting to try is offering free samples. 

Supporting this relief fund. 

Loving this delicate piece. 

Saying YUM to this breakfast recipe. 

Started reading this incredible book about gut health. 

Anyone seeing this movie? (It was shot with film!)

Buon Weekend!


It's Friday! What are you up to this weekend? After a few fun filled weekends we decided to stay local and chill. I'm looking forward to a little much needed gym time, as well as working on a few fall recipes and starting some projects.  (I know, I know - I'm too exciting.) 

I'll be back with a post on monday but until then, here are a few links: 

I really enjoyed this goop article. 

Working my way through this long one. 

It seems this restaurant was made for instagram.  

This marriage article made me think. 

Tried this skincare line? I keep hearing good things.  

I want to make gluten free versions of all of these

Buon Weekend!


Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? My parents are Brooklyn bound so I know there's going to some crazy good meals and lots of laughter heading my way very soon. If you feel like a bit of internetting, here's a few interesting things: 

Can't wait to read this. Who doesn't love a good biography? 

Just started this crime podcast. 

If I was in a jacket wearing mood, I'd go for this one. 

The sound of art. 

Have some time to volunteer? Orientations starting soon!

This is a great list of salads perfect for lunch. 

Buon Weekend


After my last week's post Cameron and I realized we have been speaking different languages to each other. He says 'bon' in French and I say 'buon' in Italian.  I had no idea we were so trilingual. 

What's everyone up to this weekend? We are heading off to Minneapolis for a family get together. I'm looking forward to seeing Cam's mom, dad and sister, meeting more of his (our!) family and exploring a new city. Hilarious antics to follow. 

Here's some fun internet things:

Zara is killing it this season. This, this, this and this are all on my wishlist. Gah! This too. 

This is the holy grail of lotions.  

I found this podcast so helpful

Why we should all be kind to each other. (Old article but I love it anyway.)  

How to Support DACA Program here and here.

Buon Weekend


Happy Friday! What's everyone up to this long weekend? Cameron and I are heading up to Cold Springs, NY for a kayaking trip. I can't wait. Here are a few fun things to click on:

This is my new favorite podcast. 

Read a great review of this movie. 

I love this brand's story. Ordering myself a bottle!

Now is the time to join this organization. 

This toast guide is genius. Not to mention delicious. 

Somehow, these are the most flattering things ever.