Cooking for One Small Dog


We still have one meat eater in the house. Her name is Chibi and she's our tiny, charming Chihuahua Pomeranian. We cook for her. I don't specifically make her breakfast every morning but about once every two weeks, we make a big batch of her 'wet' food in the slow cooker. What she will eat in the next few days goes into the fridge and the rest we freeze in small containers. 

Some people think it's crazy but this is what we do. I like knowing what goes into her food, its healthy and she loves it. As a 7 year old pup, it's important to keep her at a healthy weight which will help her live longer, be less likely to develop diseases and make sure her aging joints are not burdened. Who wouldn't want that for their little friend? 

Cut food into pieces that are appropriately sized for your dog. Chibs is very small so I have to painstakingly cut up chicken thighs into one million tiny pieces. I find this maddening and will probably start grinding her chicken instead. 

Chibi's Dog Food

1.5 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs

1 sweet potato

1 small apple, peeled, stemmed, seeded

1/3 cup peas, frozen or fresh

1/3 cup chopped green beans, fresh or frozen

1 carrot

Chop vegetables and meat to desired sizes - smaller is better. Place all ingredients in slow cooker. Cook on high for about 3 hours. Chicken should be cooked through and vegetables will be soft. 

Let cool completely, portion into 8 oz containers. Chill one in fridge and store the remaining in the freezer.